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Central Heating

Coleraine plumbers can undertake all aspects of heating works from conversions to new heating installations but most importantly we can inspect and get your central heating working more efficiently. Often we attend people's homes because some aspect of their heating system does not appear to be working how they want it to be and they'd like us to check it out. Sometimes this can involve the boiler requiring a service or repair or it may need replacing. Often however it can be a simple repair, or adjustment to the settings and/or we may suggest power flushing the system. Some people also call us out because they would like us to update their heating controls or fit thermostatic valves to their radiators or indeed install new or additional radiators.

If you have any issues with your system - then you can call us using our 24hr emergency call out plumbing service or you can schedule a visit. When we arrive at your home, (we cover Coleraine and the surrounding areas), part of what we do is to use the latest diagnostic equipment to identify any boiler or other faults so that we can quickly restore your heating and hot water systems. We will make sure that you understand the work to be carried out, before we start, and you will have a clear idea of the costs involved.

We carry a comprehensive stock of spare parts to be able to reinstate your heating and hot water as quickly as possible. As part of our daily and weekly work we regularly carry out repairs on all major brands of central heating and we make sure that we use fully approved spare parts.

Poorly functioning, faulty and inefficient central heating costs you money! We want to get it working properly for you and help to save you some money on heating bills in the future! We work with all types of heating systems and can offer a full service, repairs of any kind or replacements if necessary. There are a variety of heating systems in use these days but rest assured that we have experts on our team who can work with any product or system.

As part of our work we can resolve any issues with radiators not heating up or water heaters not heating water. If you have a leaking radiator problem we can repair it. We can unblock air locks in your heating system getting it back operating efficiently, saving you money and can carry out power flushing of heating systems to improve efficiency. We also install radiators as well as thermostats.

If you are looking to install a central heating system for the first time or to replace your central heating system we will be happy to meet with you and offer our advice and expertise and we can then provide you with a fully detailed quote.

Some central heating problems are as a result of Gas or Oil burner Heating problems. Our heating engineers are registered Gas Safe and have over 30 years experience in fixing both gas and oil boilers.

We know that boiler breakdowns usually come when you least expect it and quite often at the coldest time of the year. We are ready to take boiler breakdown calls immediately and treat such repairs as priority so that you have your heating up and running quickly.

For situations where it is not possible to make a boiler repair we will discuss options with you which may include replacing your boiler.

So If you have a broken down boiler or other heating problem and need repairs or even just advice, be sure to give us a call at Coleraine Plumbers!