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Appliance Installation.

Modern homes contain a variety of appliances.

Some of these require to be plumbed in such as washing machines and dishwashers while others require some form of pipework such as gas cookers, gas tumble dryers or gas fires.

When you are considering a new appliance or are replacing an appliance then Coleraine Plumbers can assist you with advice on fitting as well as the actual fitting itself.

We also provide a Gas Safety Check Service and a Servicing Facility for customers who have premises which have to comply with various regulations.

Washing machines and tumble dryers:

Both of these require a waste pipe and an inlet. If you don't have these then we can provide that service. And if you already have them, even better, as it won’t take our plumbers long to install your washing machine or dishwasher!

Gas fires, Gas Cookers/hobs, Gas Tumble Dryers:

As more and more people in Northern Ireland change to natural gas in their homes these appliances are becoming more popular and we can install them for you. Equally we can assist with the installation of any such appliances running on bottled or tank gas. As Gas Safe Registered Fitters (You many have known this previously as Corgi fitters) we will ensure that everything is installed safely and checked thoroughly before we leave your premises.

Other installations we carry out:

Although they are not "appliances" in addition to the above we would point out that we can also install the following for you: toilets (broken cisterns are a common problem), showers, new taps and outside taps,

Remember we are on hand for any difficulty you have with the appliances and plumbing fixtures and fittings in your home.

24hr emergency service available to meet your needs.